Data Visualization: Part 1 FlowingData

One of my research interests has to do with the rhetoric of information visualization. How can data sets, philosophical concepts, metephysical theories, communities, geographies, narratives, relationships, and most of all, rhetorical ecologies, be conceptualized, theorized, investigated, and communicated through visual semiotics?

I’ll plan to accumulate a portfolio of posts with interesting leads and sites pertaining to this topic. At the moment, I am exploring the web site Few Web sites will stimulate your inventive imagination like this one. It also provides great research tools;

Like this one:, a free online database of statistical information, Google style (but with price tags on the “Premium Data”).

But don’t get me wrong, Flowing Data is also a play-ground of colorful, coded, info-lines and squiggles often reminiscent of trivial pursuit, with images depicting everything from the characterics of Dexter’s season 5 victums, to what each state is the “worst” in: